Public Art > Kindred

Kindred is a site-specific mural created for Troy, NY. The title was inspired by Asher Brown Durand's painting, Kindred Spirits, which depicts two friends enjoying a landscape. I wanted this mural to evoke feelings of friendship and kinship, and for the location to become a place you could enjoy with a companion. This mural is similar to other public works I've completed. It includes references to pattern, decoration, quilting, craft, and the tension between public and private space. Recently, I have begun to think of these murals as expressions of radical joy- a response to the precarity and anxiety we face every day.

This mural was created for Troy Art Block and the Capital Region Arts Center. This project features 28 murals by artists from around the United States. The festival was awarded "Best New Festival in the US" for 2023 by USA Today.

38 x 14 feet