While my earlier work was primarily focused on the past, my new work looks to the future, seeking to make sense of our collective anxieties, our inability to see clearly, and our attempts to decipher and understand our relationship to the world and the way we experience reality. I am now looking to the experience of the viewer, as they try to tease out information from a piece, grasping at something that is just out of reach. I am interested in making objects that grasp for an inherent power that attempts to transcend their physicality.

My process is rooted in making, expressing through my interest in craft processes, and decoration. I view these motivations as both extensions of my identity as well as expressions of my interests in desire and social class, I am now more than ever, seeing craft and the types of making I employ as manifestations of autonomy- of asserting ourselves and our power on the world.


Cara Lynch is an emerging artist living and working in New York.

She has completed a number of large-scale public projects in the New York area, including in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Westchester, and beyond. In 2016, Lynch completed her first permanent public work, an installation in the New York City subway system titled, “Inheritance: In Memory of American Glass.” She has been commissioned by, or received grants from the NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority, NYC Department of Transportation, Queens Council on the Arts, Brooklyn Arts Council, and Adelphi University, among others.