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Scry is a new series of mosaics on panel incorporating mirror, rhinestones, and glitter. The works reference the occult practice of divination in which an individual gazes into a mirror or other reflective surface with the goal of detecting messages, visions, or attaining knowledge of the future.

In Scry, the viewer struggles between text, image, and reflection, unable to see the present or the message clearly. When the image is finally decoded, it is an empty fragment, borrowed from the mouths of self-proclaimed “psychics,” found printed on copy paper or postcards and discovered on public transit.

I am thinking a lot about the widespread anxiety about the future that I think many are feeling in the current political climate. I am also thinking about this self-proclaimed psychic power as a metaphor for the power falsely promised and exaggerated by politicians. The mosaic format is also significant. I am thinking of craft and its relationship to autonomy, granting some power or control over the future through creation.