Scry > Future Perfect

"Future Perfect" is a reaction to the current political climate, and my own personal anxiety. I am reacting to the widespread concern and uncertainty about the future I think many people are experiencing.

"Future Perfect" is composed of mirror and rhinestone mosaics, wall sculptures from my series Love Tokens and Talismans, a freestanding sculpture, and a site specific ceiling installation.

The mosaics and sculpture reference the occult practice of divination in which an individual gazes into a mirror or other reflective surface with the goal of detecting messages, visions, or attaining knowledge of the future. In these works, the viewer struggles between text, image, and reflection, unable to see the present or the message clearly. When the image is finally decoded, the words are empty fragments, borrowed from the mouths of self-proclaimed “psychics,” found printed on copy paper or postcards and discovered throughout New York City. The mosaic format is also significant. I am thinking of craft and its relationship to autonomy, granting some power or control over the future through creation.